Kisha & Peter


Who loves love? Me!

Who loves festivals? Me!

Who loves a gal who throws tradition out the metaphorical window and wears a fabulous, fabulous emerald green gown to her wedding? Meeeeeee!!!

I knew this wedding was going to be insanely awesome when I arrived to see the totally RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING tents set up by our friends at #HappyGlampers. Not only did this look like a wedding where guests would be drinking Proseco til the dawn rose but they could then stumble sideways into their vintage heaven-of-a tent for the night. This was my kind of wedding!

In true Fijian/Italian gypsy queen style, the wedding pulled together the troops. You may imagine young, muscled friends hanging lights expertly from a high perch as the grandparents watched in support… Oh no, no no no no no!

Not this wedding. No. There is a reason this couple have individually become the strong, capable and hands-on folk that they are, and it can be partly credited to their strong, capable families.

We had Nonna rockin’ the bolognaise, smashing the kitchen duties and charming the young fellas, all before lunchtime! We had the parentals connecting with each other as they iced cupcakes. This was a true mashup of family, friends and food, brought together across an ocean, to create the gypsy wedding of the century.

Proseco flowed freely as handmade wooden octagonal tables (designed and knocked up by Kish and Pete) were arranged on the grassy knoll,  on top of perfectly mismatched rugs. An earthen dance floor was set up between the trees.

By the time night fell, and the fairylights lit up the circus style tents, the space had an ethreal, otherworldly feel.




And then came the dawn. The birds chirped, and one of the besties grabbed his hardcore tradie stereo to pump some tunes, and the countdown began.

Now Kisha is Fijian/Italian and is proud of her Fijian heritage. And to honour this side of her history, Kisha and Pete couldn’t think of a better, more perfect way to set the tone of the ceremony, then to have a traditional Fijian band playing as they took their vows.  And who doesn’t love the beautiful Fijian mentality; kind, soft, joyful, musical and relaxed.

So relaxed in fact, that they almost didn’t turn up at all! In true Islander style, these gorgeous Fijians casually meandered to their seats two and a half seconds before the bride walked down the isle! And yet, when they started playing, it was glorious and all the guests sat back and let themselves be marooned.

Kisha walking down in that sparkling, vibrant gown looked like an old fashioned movie star, and her love, handsomed up to the max, looked on with sparkling eyes and a heart threatening to beat out of his chest. Their tale was told, a tale of science and magic, chance and mathematics, melted armour and chicken soup for a weary heart.

These two found each other against all odds, and they knew, they could feel it, a perfect harmony.

Tears ran down flushed cheeks as Pete serenaded his darling with a song he’d written himself, a marvel.

And then they were married, and they were crying, and they were laughing, and they were kissing and it was time to party!

The Proseco flowed freely, lovers danced the night away and the fairylights twinkled overhead, telling tales of the beautiful life to come.