Who loves love? Me! Who loves festivals? Me! Who loves a gal who throws tradition out the metaphorical window and wears a fabulous, fabulous emerald green gown to her wedding? Meeeeeee!!! I knew this wedding was going to be insanely awesome when I arrived to see the […]

  Transformations. That was the central thesis of this wedding and this couple. Two individuals, two paths and one magnificent¬†collision. Now, Shannon and Christian hold a very special place in my heart because I was there. I saw each and every one of those forks in the road […]

    They met in the midst of wild and dramatic change, Caro and Vaughn. They met and chaos ensued. But what beautiful chaos it was. Now there’s no question that standing with these two under the extraordinarily lush¬†creation curtesy of #pompandsplendour was magical. And the level of […]