My Services

So weddings are wild, wonderful and sometimes wacky events. So much joy, so much planning!


I’d love to help you lighten that load.

I will:

  • Talk you through the process and answer any questions you might have
  • Quell any fears
  • Decode any legal jargon
  • Help you fill out loads of paperwork and triple check it
  • Run through a million ideas
  • Ask you the right questions in order to really understand you and what makes you guys the awesome team that you are
  • Support you both in your vision of the day
  • Be a source of information for anything from poetry to ritual, location to florist.
  • Meet with you two to three times to solidify details
  • Run a rehearsal if you require one
  • Supply a rockin’ PA
  • Be available through phone or email or text
  • Turn up early with fresh energy and a calm presence
  • Charm any in laws or grandparents that need extra attention
  • Be a master of contingency plans
  • Wear fab clothes that match your wedding
  • Bring your story to life!
  • Submit all legal documents

My job is to ensure that you are both WINNING and ENJOYING your wedding day and are pretty much PUMPED in the lead up, the day itself and for the beautiful life to come!

This is my offering.